This is my first major redesign. I’ve been tweaking the old layout for a long time now, but the more time went by, the more I felt it wasn’t actual anymore, I changed my brand identity and so must the layout. This new one has been a work in progress for some months and now I feel it is ready to be put online for testing. The main ideas behind it were readability - through a monospace font, the same used for code - and simplicity, I just wanted the content to stand out and nothing else.

The beauty of using a static site generator is that you can commit every little change into a Git repository and watch it change over time. You’ll never lose a single change and you’ll never forget when and why you did that change. One could almost make a short movie after a few years, just like those people taking a shot a day of their attempts to grow a beard. I will try to post some screenshot of the updates that lead here. So long old layout, welcome new one.

Thanks to Riseabove for the logo.

Previous layout

UPDATE 2017-01-28: I’m so fond on Solarized theme that I reverted back the site colors to match Solarized light ones. Gray was just boring.

Gray layout