The other day I was looking at my websites stats and I found a spike in visits coming from search engines.
It is always good news when something catch search engines attention and traffic get redirected to your website.
Well actually not always …
The keywords used to get to me were definitely a bit OT.

Ronca Knives

My name’s Ronca, I wrote an article about Drush, the swiss army knife for Drupal, but this is totally not my line of work :)

To be honest, I love knives and I always carry a small one with me. My grandfather taught me how to recognize them, he used to be a tailor, but he also lived in the country, so he was competent in the fieldwork and had a superb collection of working knives, like this baby here

graft knife

I imagine that I would have loved to sell knives, maybe not on TV, I don’t really like showing myself to big audiences, but I also seriously think that you guys where looking for this knives, not the metaphorical ones I wrote about

ronco knives

I invite you to go to their website and buy everything! those knives look great, as seen on TV!